Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear Me... At 16

Stephen Fry.. He did it, now Im doing it... A letter to me... At 16!

Miss Amy-Rae,

You’re going to be okay.

Listen to your Mother... As painful as it is, she is right.

You’ll never be waif thin... Stop whimpering about it and accept it.

Potential is not a bad word.

Braces are worth it!

You won’t be friends with people you are at the moment. Its true that you lose contact.

Dont sweat the little things.

Its okay to say no.

He isn’t the love of your life. Just the love of the moment.

Remember your seven year old self? Her dreams? Yeah, believe it or not, they come true.

Dont ever say anything in anger... Its not worth your Dad not talking to you for weeks on end. You will love him and miss him.

Remember who you are! Stand up for what’s right!

Green Door... Say no more...

Love me... from the future... :D

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

VLOG: Work Wear

So, this is my first VLOG. Dont laugh at me!!!

Forever New:

-Scarves x2 = $25
-Tshirt = $30


-Pants = $89.95


-Blouse - $49

Glebe Markets:

-'The Beatles' Necklace = $15
-Paris Pendant Clock Thingo = $25

Cotton on Body:

-Eye Mask = $4.95


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

GetFit: Introduction

Summer is just around the corner and magazines are advertising every weightloss product/trick possible before they dare advise us what Swim Wear would be appropriate for our varying body shapes.

Ive never cared about summer. Usually I go into denial when summer hits us. I hybernate, im not social at all, I still wear long pants and jackets in the small hope of tricking my body into thinking its cold... The last time I owned (and wore) a swim suit I would have been about 10 years old!!! I did briefly own (and wear under multiple layers of clothes) a bikini in the summer of 06' but that was only because I was dating a surfer and wanted him to believe I could, you know, care...

But, as this winter leaves us I have decided that hybernating is not an option! I want to wear shorts without feeling self concious about the little fat packs on my knees or wear singlets and not worry about my tuck-shop arms; but most of all, I want to confidently strut out in a bathing suit.

While confessing this to a dear friend of mine she revealed that she too wanted to tone up for summer and together we decided that for 4 days of the week we are going to work our little booties into the summer bodies we want and love.

Monday is day one and this week (at some point) we are going to make a little excersise plan... I personally am going to be using the 'Beep Test' as an indicator for my fitness levels while my friend is yet to decide her test or even if she will have one (she, oh smart one, refuses to do the beep test!)

Im hoping to keep a little diary uploaded of our little GetFit adventure and hope you will be able to laugh at our mishaps, encourage our down moments and offer any advise to help us reach our goals.

SO, follow myself and my friend, Random Logic* (who's meaningful yet funny blog you can read here) in our journey to summer!!!

Love Always

*Evidently not her real name... Although, in this day and age it would be considered hip!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Commonwealth Bank

We live in such a negative society and it really grinds my gears. As a generally positive person I believe that complimenting someone on a job well done is just as important as notifying them when they have done badly.

Last Friday I had my purse stolen, which was devastating. The first thing I did was call my bank to cancel all my cards. I was put through to a wonderful girl name Maricel. She was so overwhelmingly sweet and kind and calm with me that by then end of the phone call I wanted her to be my best friend. She related to me, she laughed with me and she generally made my banking experience enjoyable.

As soon as I hung the phone up I remembered how little people in Customer Service receive compliments, so I promptly hopped onto the Commonwealth Banks website and filled in a 'Compliment' form.

Today I received feedback that she and her manager had been notified and I couldn't have felt better. I hoped that she was aptly rewarded for her exceptional skill...

I have a simple rule: Compliment someone when they do something out of their way. Complain if they do something VERY wrong... If you don't compliment people, you don't have the right to complain about people.

See, simple. Its all about give and take!

Thanks Commonwealth Bank for your ALWAYS exceptional service.

Ugly Day

Im having an 'Ugly Day'... I hate 'Ugly Days' because the only thing you feel like doing is sitting in the bath and washing the 'Ugly' away. I used to refer to them as 'Meh Days' but I have completely bypassed that and named them what they truly are.

Its the day when you have dull skin and a few pimples pop up, its the day you feel bloated, its the day you feel sleepy, its the day you over slept your alarm and didnt get time to lather yourself in war paint or find *that* dress, its the day that you leave the house thinking 'I dont look so bad' and then catch yourself in a mirror or shop window and think 'Holy mother of christ, if I were a horse, they'd shoot me!'... Thats my day... An ugly day!

Today its so bad that Im sitting at my desk, hungry as a horse, but refuse to leave because I dont want people to see me. Im sipping tea and munching biscuits hoping it will tide me over until darkness hits the Sydney streets and I can go incognito!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Meaning of Life

I dont get time to watch many movies these days. I barely get time to read. But the last three texts I have consumed have made me think very seriously about the meaning of life. All three texts have the main characters meeting a moment of clarity shortly before their demise. A young man, a middle aged man and an old man, all figuiring out what they want or who they are when its all to late...

Ive always been a dreamer. Always thinking about the future and never living in the now. This subject makes you think, whats the point in planning for a future that may not come?

I have a lengthy bus ride home, but I have found the last few weeks, that it has gone very quickly. Purely because I have my head buried in an A4 notebook planning my goals, planning my future. Today, I sit in my office consumed by the boring tasks of my day in, day out job, thinking about when I will find my moment of clarity. When will I stop working for what is to come and start working for what is now?

I remember I used to speak to an elderly lady. Every Thursday. I started when I was about 12 and she passed away when I was 14. I loved her energy for life. She was 94 when I starting visiting. She was more lively than anyone I had met before. She shared with me tales of her many adventures around the world, her tale of her own naughty romances and finally settling down with 'the one'. She taught me to play piano, we read stories together and even at her ripe age, dreamed together. Toward the end of her life, I had stopped visiting. I had started High-School and thought it was more important to screw around with friends than visit an elderly lady. What I didnt realised was the profound effect that she had on me. Still to this day I think of her. Her spirit inspires me.

Im 19. I feel satisfied with very little in my life. I do the same thing everyday and I hate it. I think about how I could please my inner child but all I can think about is how dissapointed she is with me. I havent travelled, like I always wanted. I didnt go to University, like I always wanted. I dont have a smart and sassy outlook on life, like I always wanted. I am just a ghost who is passing through the motions of a very boring exsistence.

I keep saying Im going to change but I am most unfortunatley blessed with the un-canny ability to procrastinate...I procrastinate life...

The point of this blog is to ask, do we only meet our moment of clarity, a moment of sheer brilliance and happyness shorty before we pass? Is that the only time we are going to say 'Ohhhh, I get life now,' or 'I get why I was here'? or is it just a myth to comfort us? Do we ever truly know why we are? Do we ever stop climbing the staircase of life and just sit back and enjoy?

Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It's the transition that's troublesome.
Isaac Asimov (1920 - 1992)


Sunday, August 1, 2010


I had to share this photo... My Mum and Dad recently purchasd a scanner and have been scanning all of our photos. I dont recall ever seeing this photo before but it makes me laugh... One because thats a beer bottle (evidently empty, my parents werent raving drunks) but two because its a long neck bottle and most of its in my mouth! Dangrous much????